Christopher Nkunku | All Goals Ever

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Christopher Nkunku is a true artist on the ball. Since his move to RB Leipzig in summer 2019, Nkunku has conquered the hearts of Bundesliga fans. With his amazing dribbling and goals, the Frenchman proves time and again that he’s one of the best players in the league. Time for a look at all his Bundesliga goals to date. Which strike did you like most? Let us know in the comments.

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39 opiniones en “Christopher Nkunku | All Goals Ever”

  1. honestly any forward that loves to dink the keeper, is the type of forward chelsea needs. we have had far to manny forwards who are simply scared in front of goals.

  2. If you ask me,🤨no 😄 Seriously if you ask me,👆🏼 this Man, 101% Devastating News for any Opponent. .I Dare TYPE tha' ⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️….F.C Chelsea ⚽ Club has the Best Forward in the Premier League so Yeah,😎 Deal with it.
    Am a Fan of Man United and I dare type this 👐🙌🏼 What a Glorious finisher Chelsea hav' in their Hands 💪💪🏿

  3. Players who are good at direct free kicks usually have great composure and technique…also note how many goals start from deep and involve build up play.

    Added to that Nkunku has control, pace, power and is direct – he should be just fine in the Premier League.

  4. After scoring Al these goals they will come to Chelsea n started playing rubbish they will turn amateurs.. is it that epl is too hard for them or Chelsea is cursed 😂 look at lukaku he will go anywhere score goals but can't play at Chelsea ..they should advice any player coming not to take that no9 or 11 those numbers are cursed 😂

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